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IRS Tax Problems?

DON'T ignore the problem. I assure you that ignoring the IRS will only exacerbate whatever issue you may have regarding your taxes. If you're here, then I'm assuming that you owe taxes and do not have the ability to pay in full at the time of filing or that you may have older tax debts that you are not able to pay.
Please make sure that you have all of your tax returns filed. Our country has a big problem regarding income tax refund fraud schemes. The timely filing of your tax returns will help you safeguard your account against such fraud. The timely filing of your tax returns also allows the Collection Statute Expiration Date to start running and helps avoid failure to file penalties.
If you owe income taxes, then please contact me at 813.872.8787 as I can help you develop an effective IRS tax plan including, but not limited to, the following:

● Offer in Compromise
● Installment Agreements
● Currently Not Collectible or Hardship Status
● Collection Statute Expiration Dates
● Penalty Abatements
● Income Tax Returns
● Tax Liens
● Tax Levies
● Bankruptcy


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