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Disposition of Personal Property Without of Administration

     Disposition of Personal Property Without Administration is typically used for what may be deemed to be a small estate. This process still must be filed with the court but is an expedited method to transfer estate assets and is not supervised by the court. You CANNOT use the disposition of personal property without administration if: the decedent owned Florida real estate at the time of death in his/her name only; the decedent had non-exempt personal property with a value greater than the funeral expenses up to $6,000 and the amount of all reasonably necessary medical and hospital expenses incurred in the 60 days prior to the decedent's date of death; the decedent owned a business which now requires Letters of Administration to operate; the decedent owned an investment such as mineral or oil rights and receives monthly checks; or a wrongful death action is pending or will be filed. If any of the above conditions exist, then you will have to use either a Summary Administration or a Formal Administration.

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