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Alimony is the money that you pay to your soon to be ex or ex-spouse. This money is being paid to cover basic needs and/or to accommodate a certain lifestyle established during the course of the marriage. Unlike child support, there is no formula to calculate alimony. A court has discretion when determining the amount of alimony to be paid and/or the length of time for which it shall be paid. The court may consider the adultery of either spouse and the circumstances thereof in determining the amount of alimony, if any, to be awarded.

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Child Support

The courts in Florida may order either or both parents to pay support pursuant to the Florida Child Support Guidelines. It is the public policy of the State of Florida that each parent has a fundamental obligation to support his or her minor or legally dependent child. It is your obligation to pay support regardless of whether you have any contact with your child(ren). You should make all child support payments in a timely manner and keep all of your proof of payments. Child support is a right that belongs to the child(ren) and cannot be waived by the parents.

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Dissolution of Marriage

Making the decision to get a Dissolution of Marriage aka divorce can be difficult and the process can be very stressful and full of uncertainties. If, however, you have made the decision to pursue a divorce then review my site to learn more about your rights and feel free to contact me with any questions that you may have.

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Equitable Distribution of Assets and Debts

Equitable distribution is a fancy way of saying what happens to all the stuff. This is when you either agree how to divide things or where the Court will order how to divide and allocate all of the assets and the debts. The first step is to identify what you have. I will take the time necessary to help identify what may be considered as his separate property and what may be considered as her separate property and finally what would be considered to be the marital property.

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Paternity is the determination of the legal father status. In other words, it is the legal determination of who has legal rights and responsibilities of being a child’s parent. Legal rights are referring to having timesharing with the child and decision making rights concerning the child’s residence, activities, education, medical, dental and vision treatment and religious upbringing. Legal responsibilities are referring to the obligation to provide financial support and health insurance. Establishing paternity will also alter who may inherit and standing to sue for wrongful death.

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Disestablishment of Paternity

Once paternity is determined, it may be possible to disestablish paternity thereby terminating any rights the man had as a father and relieving him of any obligation to provide financial support. Florida has a statute that provides a statutory mechanism for a man to disestablish paternity. Section 742.18 of the Florida Statutes reads as follows:

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