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The Law Firm of Daniel M. Genet, P.A. has significant experience helping clients form, buy and/or sell businesses. We have seen the fallout of poorly drafted agreements and the litigation that follows as a result. We have litigated civil disputes arising out of business transactions and contracts. Every case helps us find new ways to make contracts and business agreements stronger. We also want to ensure that in the event things do not go as you planned that there is clear exit strategy in place.
We have helped countless other clients and look forward to helping you with any of the following:

  • Business consulting
  • Business succession strategies
  • Tax strategy and/or IRS tax resolution if the business owes back taxes
  • Draft, review and/or negotiate buy/sell agreements for all types of businesses
  • Draft, review and/or negotiate partnership agreements, operating agreements and/or shareholder agreements
  • Organize your business structure and help you maintain the necessary formalities for annual filings, annual meetings and minutes
  • Act as your registered agent for Florida Department of State notices and service of process(business entities are required to have a physical address in the State of Florida and frequently it is not advisable to use your home address for the protection of you and your family)
  • Organize your rental real estate business including, but not limited to, the business structure, how to operate, tenant screening, rental applications, leases and various addendums and educate you regarding Florida evictions (Daniel Genet has been a landlord for approximately 20 years and knows firsthand the pains and pleasures of the rental real estate business)
  • Draft, review and/or negotiate employment agreements
  • Draft and/or review agreements for services including, but not limited to, independent consulting and construction
  • Draft and/or review commercial and residential leases


We have a substantial amount of experience helping business owners and investors like you get started, grow, maintain operations and litigate when necessary. We look forward to working with you and helping you start, grow and protect your business. Contact us now to discuss your business needs.

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